Fluent zwave valve controller, water shut off


Why is our water valve cost effective:

  • No plumber needed
  • Installed and programmed by our technicians at the same time as your security and smart home system
  • 24/7 surveillance by a UL Certified central
  • Get notified by text or email if water detector is activated
  • No Internet needed
  • Remotely close the water valve via the app
  • Customize the rules for opening and closing of the water valve
  • Save on your insurance premiums

For High Rise Condos that don't need a security system 

  • No need to have a security panel
  • Pay a low monthly fee for monitoring and warranty
  • Lowest upfront cost for a water shut off valve on the market
  • No internet needed
  • Property managers can access all units in one account
  • Owners can upgrade and add smart home automation to their unit


Damage from water accounts for nearly 50% of property damage based on insurance claims in Canada, well ahead of damage caused by fire or theft. 1 click solutions cost effective water valve does not require a plumber. The Fluent Z-WAVE valve controller will immediately shut off the water main as soon as the water sensor detects water.


Once the flood sensor is activated it sends a signal to the the control panel which activates the shut off valve, notifies the Fluent monitoring center and your phone all within 20 seconds.